Global Foundations of Patient Experience and an Introduction to PX Week 2024

This interactive webinar, hosted by Jason A. Wolf, PhD, CPXP, President & CEO of...

Culture & Leadership | Staff & Provider Engagement

Escalation Management: The Journey to Support a Culture of Mutual Respect

PXE Credit Available

Addressing incivility and workplace violence is often challenging for healthcare organizations. Increasing concerns about...

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Policy & Measurement

And the Survey Says…: A Qualitative Exploration of the Perspectives of Nurse Managers Who are Accountable for Patient Experience Measures

By examining nurse manager accountability for patient experience measures, this study seeks a deeper...

Quality & Clinical Excellence

5 in 5: Project Management Principles to achieve a CMS 5-Star Rating in Five Years

Learn what one hospital did to kick off its journey to earning a...

Patient Family & Community Engagement

G2G: Moving from Good to Great; A Focused Approach to Improve Colleague Engagement and Patient Experience

By Ellen Harry

Imagine a ‘Picture Perfect Room’ with a place for patient belongings,...

Culture & Leadership | Staff & Provider Engagement

Volunteer Services + Patient Experience = A Winning Team

PXE Credit Available

Volunteers do a lot to improve services for our patients but in the past...

Patient Family & Community Engagement

Get to Know Me – Connecting Volunteers with Patients

Linda Fisher, Regional Director for Guest Services at UCHealth North, discusses the Get to...

Environment & Hospitality

Walking the Walk: Essential criteria for organisations when recruiting consumers as employees

By Liz Newton

Identified lived experience roles are increasingly being established by health organisations...

Patient Family & Community Engagement | Staff & Provider Engagement

Round & Coach: Engaging Clinicians & Patients to Improve Communication and Care

PXE Credit Available

This webinar presents four ways BSWH Hillcrest Medical Center improved HCAHPS scores to the...

Patient Family & Community Engagement | Quality & Clinical Excellence

Kindness is Good Medicine: Research in Increasing Kind Behaviors in Healthcare

By Jeannette Maré

Like many people who are drawn to human experience work in...

Environment & Hospitality | Patient Family & Community Engagement

Where Are My Things? Best Practices for Safeguarding Patient Belongings in Hospitals

Managing patient belongings is a challenge for almost all hospitals. Losing a patient’s belongings...

Patient Family & Community Engagement | Quality & Clinical Excellence

Empowering Families in the NICU: The Transformative Impact of Family Integrated Care

PXE Credit Available

Family Integrated Care (FIC) is a transformative approach in neonatal and pediatric units, redefining...

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