Culture & Leadership The foundation of any successful experience effort is set on who an organization is, its purpose and values, and how it is led. Environment & Hospitality The space in which a healthcare experience is delivered and the practices implemented to ensure a positive, comfortable and compassionate encounter must be part of every effort. Quality & Clinical Excellence Experience encompasses all an individual encounters and the expectations they have for safe, quality, reliable, and effective care focused on positively impacting health and well-being. Infrastructure & Governance Effective experience efforts require both the right structures and processes by which to operate and communicate and the formal guidance in place to ensure sustained strategic focus. Policy & Measurement Experience is driven and influenced by external factors and systemic and financial realities and requires accepted and understood metrics to effectively measure outcomes and drive action. Innovation & Technology As a focus on experience expands, it requires new ways of thinking and doing and the technologies and tools to ensure efficiencies, expand capacities and extend boundaries of care. Patient, Family & Community Engagement Central to any experience effort are the voices of, contributions from and partnerships with those receiving care and the community served. Staff & Provider Engagement Caring for those delivering and supporting the delivery of care and reaffirming a connection to meaning and purpose is fundamental to the successful realization of a positive experience.

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