Patient Experience Grant and Scholar Programs

The 2023 Patient Experience Grant Program for Professionals & Scholars is now open. Applications will be accepted through September 29, 2023.


In our commitment to expanding the global conversation on the human experience in healthcare and the body of knowledge on this topic, The Beryl Institute established the Patient Experience Grant Program in 2010.

The mission of the program is to encourage and support research and inquiry on:

  • The value of focusing on patient experience at all touchpoints across the continuum of care
  • The impact a commitment to experience has on healthcare outcomes from clinical outcomes to financial results, consumer loyalty to community reputation

The goals of the program are to:

  • Broaden the dialogue on the value and impact of focusing on the patient experience
  • Increase the volume of data‐driven and evidence-based processes and practices in support of improving the patient and human experience in healthcare
  • Frame and expand the body of knowledge and support insights around the 8 strategic lenses of the Experience Framework that can inform and guide healthcare strategy and actions

Eligibility and Expectations

The application window is open to all members of The Beryl Institute including healthcare professionals, patient and family members, researchers and/or faculty members. Research should be aligned with the mission and goals of the program and be either in the proposal stage, in process or near completion. Recently completed studies may be considered based on relevance to the grant program objectives.

All recipients of the grant will be asked to:

  • Complete their research within one year of the grant being awarded
  • Acknowledge The Beryl Institute in the research and any resulting presentations or publications
  • Author a research report on the results to be published through The Beryl Institute within 18 months of being awarded the grant
  • Consider the option to present his/her findings in an e-poster at The Beryl Institute ELEVATE PX gathering upon completion of the research


Patient Experience Grants are $1,000. The first half of the grant will be provided within 90 days of the grant being awarded, and the second half of the funding will be disbursed once all outlined expectations are completed. Grant funds can be used for direct or indirect research expenses.

Application Requirements

Proposals must include the following (incomplete applications will not be accepted):

  • Name, title, organization name, email address, and mailing address of the principal investigator(s)
  • Detailed overview of the research plan including the following specific sections:
    • Executive Summary of the research process and anticipated contribution to the body of knowledge on patient experience
    • List of all research objectives and accompanying description for each noting whether proposed, in process or recently completed
    • Descriptive overview of the research process. This should be a comprehensive narrative of your research plan.
    • Discussion of the connection of the research to the program mission and objective as well as the overall mission of The Beryl Institute to improve the patient experience.
    • Timeline for completion of research that fits the grant award requirements of one year
    • Funding plan with an explanation of how funding will be used.
    • CV/resume(s) for the principal investigator(s)

All applications should be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word format to:

Download the Application


To complement the Patient Experience Grant Program, The Beryl Institute Scholar Program supports doctoral students as they conduct research associated with the patient experience. Candidates come from across the healthcare educational spectrum from nursing to healthcare administration. The program is primarily focused on, but not limited to, professional doctoral students.


  • Applicants must have active membership with The Beryl Institute. Priority will be placed on professional level doctoral student (i.e. currently working in the healthcare field)
  • Funding must be used for doctoral or executive doctoral patient experience-related research
  • The Beryl Institute must be acknowledged in research and any associated publications or presentations
  • A white paper or research report must be generated as the result of final dissertation work.


  • Funding for The Beryl Institute Scholar will be $1,000 in accordance with the guidelines of the Patient Experience Grant Program.
  • Scholars are eligible for funding during the research phase of their study, i.e. dissertation.
  • Funds are not scholarships to be used for coursework or books.
  • Research support or access to subjects may be provided based on focus of study.

To Apply

  • Applicants follow the same process and timeline as the Patient Experience Grant Program outlined above
  • Additional information requested includes:
    • Degree, school, anticipated completion date
    • Research topic and/or question
    • Executive summary of current or proposed research
    • 250 word statement on why the research is relevant/will contribute to the field of patient experience


For additional questions, contact The Beryl Institute at 1-866-488-2379 or