Patient Family & Community Engagement | Quality & Clinical Excellence

Amplifying the Voices of Those with Lived Experience: The Key to Transforming Healthcare

PXE Credit Available

Across the world, we are seeing changes and transformation in our health care systems....

Culture & Leadership | Environment & Hospitality | Staff & Provider Engagement

Unexpected Healers

PXE Credit Available

As healthcare healers, we touch many lives. Many of our patients and their families...

Staff & Provider Engagement

Caring for the Workforce: Five Strategic Areas to Address Well-Being in Healthcare

This webinar looks at the tangible practices healthcare organizations are putting in place to...

Culture & Leadership | Policy & Measurement

The Treatment Impact: Cultural Inclusivity in a Modern World

PXE Credit Available

Caring for patients and their families during tumultuous times can be daunting. Many times,...

Culture & Leadership | Infrastructure & Governance | Quality & Clinical Excellence | Staff & Provider Engagement

Leader Rounding: A Proactive Approach to Improve Experience

PXE Credit Available

The goal of leader rounding with patients is to understand their health care experience...

Culture & Leadership | Patient Family & Community Engagement | Quality & Clinical Excellence

Falling on Deaf Ears: Special Considerations for Deaf Patients in Healthcare

PXE Credit Available

Often clinicians view Deaf patients as the same as other Limited English Proficiency (LEP)...

Innovation & Technology | Policy & Measurement

Using Narrative to Illuminate and Improve Experience

Watch this webinar for an interactive discussion through a series of five mini-case studies...

Culture & Leadership | Staff & Provider Engagement

Every Conversation Has Consequences

PXE Credit Available

Communication is our currency in healthcare. By focusing on three areas where miscommunication can...

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