Pediatric Community

Elevating the healthcare experience for children and their families.  

Pediatric care environments are special places where a passion for assisting some of our most innocent and vulnerable patients drives a focused commitment to create the best in experience. Those innovating in the pediatric space recognize the need to collaborate and are continually challenging their teams and organizations to examine patient, family and staff experience from all angles and opportunities.

We invite members of The Beryl Institute to join the Pediatric special interest community in order to receive information on upcoming pediatric professional-related events and to gain access to the Pediatric Community discussion boards in PX Connect.

Pediatric Performance Insights

Quarterly Report

This project provides a process for Children’s Hospitals to confidentially share un-blinded patient experience metrics to identify top performers to leverage best practices in pediatric patient and family experience.

Pediatric Council

The Pediatric Council is a group of individuals committed to engaging with one another, sharing ideas and expanding the engagement of pediatric patient experience (PX) leaders in The Beryl Institute community.

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