Addressing Systemic Racism and Health Disparities

We cannot stand by in declaring an unwavering commitment to human experience if we cannot ensure that all humans are seen in that light, as people who deserve the same rights, opportunities, freedoms and respect regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender, gender identity or beliefs. It is incumbent on each of us as individuals to gauge our own stand, dig in to understand our privilege, uncover our biases and then work diligently to honor the essence of what humanity calls from all of us. For we are only as strong as a community in the strength of respect we give to and show for one another.  Read our full Statement on an Unwavering Commitment to Human Experience. 

We have worked to curate content on systemic racism and health disparities as part of our library of resources provided below. We also acknowledge we can and must do much more as an organization, and as a community, to drive change in healthcare and beyond. We will continue to add to these resources and commit to sustaining conversations and leading action through which these critical issues can be addressed.

Championing a Call to Action
We invite you to move the conversation on healthcare disparities from ideas to action by adopting our personal commitment statement:

"I commit to eliminating disparities in healthcare by driving and demonstrating
anti-racism, equity, social justice, inclusion and belonging for everyone..."


> Download the handout to learn more.

> Download commitment cards to personalize your commitment statement.