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Parents’ Fears When Their Child is the Patient

Mindy Spigel, RN, MSN, CPXP, CPN | Director of Patient Experience, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa and the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio
Ann Gonzales, BSN, RN, CPEN | Pediatric Emergency Room RN and Mom, Children’s Hospital of San Antonio

The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio team was curious about how the fears of adult patients compared to parents fears when they bring their children into the health care setting. With the generosity of a research grant from The Beryl Institute, over 200 parents were interviewed about their fears in health care and what health care providers could do to alleviate fears. Understanding people’s fears helps to connect caregivers not just to strategies but to the why. In this webinar, the participants will learn about the impact of fear on patient outcomes and experience. We also explore parent’s greatest fears and how caregivers can best alleviate those fears.