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Supporting the Emotional Needs of Staff: The Impact of Schwartz Rounds

This paper explores how integrating a process for healthcare providers to discuss the social and emotional issues faced in caring for patients and families can result in decreased stress, increased compassion and improved teamwork. Published in collaboration with The Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare, the paper shares insights on the global application of the Schwartz Rounds program. In addition to providing examples of actual Schwartz Rounds, the paper shares experiences of six organizations, each at different stages of implementation and establishment of the program. A dialogue with the contributors provides an overview of how organizations implement, facilitate and benefit from a formal process of supporting the human dimension of medicine. With a special introduction from Beth Lown, M.D., Medical Director, The Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare, the paper also offers thoughts and reflections on how organizations can begin to address the opportunities revealed in applying the Schwartz Rounds.