Culture & Leadership

Management Overnight Program: Through the Eyes of the Patient

Darol Bates, Director of Patient & Family Advocacy, Northern Westchester Hospital
John Paine, Administrative Director, Physician Practices, Northern Westchester Hospital

Northern Westchester Hospital expects each manager to spend at least one night in the hospital in the role of a patient. Managers are paired in teams and assigned a time frame in which to complete the overnight. During their overnight stay, managers check-in, wear gowns, are transported by stretcher or wheelchair, sleep in hospital beds or care partner pull-out couches, tour waiting rooms and key departments, eat in the cafeteria and order patient room service, and document their findings using structured feedback tools including completing the HCAHPS survey for internal comparison. The insights gained from the management overnight program are compiled, analyzed and used for continuous improvement. Webinar participants can expect to learn about our management overnight program with a focus on the goals of the program as well as planning and logistics. Participants will hear lessons learned and suggestions made and implemented as a result of participant feedback.

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