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Impact of Volunteer Programs: What Are We Measuring and Who Are We Telling?

Terri Ipsen, CPXP | Director, Content, The Beryl Institute | Editorial Coordinator, Patient Experience Journal

Roseanna Galindo, ECBA, CAVS | Former Director of Volunteer & Guest Services at Enloe Medical Center | Currently Research Affiliate/Lecturer, California State University Chico/College of Communication
Seth Hinrichsen, Volunteer, Utah Valley Hospital
Erica Luciano, Program Manager, UChicago Medicine
Becky Moldaver, MPA, CAVS | Director, Volunteer Services, Metrohealth Medical Center

This webinar serves as a companion piece to our most recent PX Paper, “The Evolving Role of Healthcare Volunteer Programs: Elevating the Human Experience through Generosity and Connection.” The paper was guided by the Experience Framework and shared the voices of volunteers and the professionals who lead them about how culture and leadership, reporting relationships and accountability, and metrics for defining success all influence the volunteers who serve, including their recruitment and retention, to ensure program sustainability.

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