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Escalation Management: The Journey to Support a Culture of Mutual Respect

Addressing incivility and workplace violence is often challenging for healthcare organizations. Increasing concerns about a rise in incivility has the potential to diminish organizational trust and threaten safety and quality of care. This webinar will describe the development of escalation management training that supports colleagues in maintaining a culture of safety that preserves the caring environment. Elements of this training include alliance building, nonconfrontational limit setting, situational awareness, and improved coping and confidence for healthcare workers. Participants will be provided with an outline of the development of a live virtual escalation management training, a facilitator training program and handbook, and an evaluation methodology. Data from over a thousand attendees and their comments will be shared to demonstrate the impact this type of training is having on the patient and colleague experience.

Learning Objectives:
– Identify how leveraging organizational culture, service recovery, and a visual map can be used as powerful tools in escalation management training.
– Develop a comprehensive live virtual training and a facilitator training program to educate colleagues in escalation management.
– Formulate a strong evaluation tool leveraging a model designed to measure the efficacy of training in the workplace.

Elizabeth Begley, MS, RN, LNC, CPXP | System Director Customer and Patient Relations, Hartford HealthCare
Kelly Marcroft, RN, MSN, CEN, CPXP | Director of Human Centered Care, Emergency Services, Hartford HealthCare

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