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Elevating Experience for those Living with Dementia

This PX paper explains the statistical significance of dementia, heightens awareness of the lived experience following a diagnosis, shares the potential impact of person-directed dementia care and provides opportunities for action to elevate the experience of those learning to live well with the condition. Voices and perspectives contributing to this work include experts in the field, practitioners who provide care each day, people living with dementia and care partners who support those on the dementia journey. Through their reflections, the paper explores societal misperceptions and stigmas that point to an urgent need for a shift in the paradigm that will elevate the human experience for those living with dementia. Opportunities for action in addressing experience for those living with dementia are focused on three key recommendations: Place human rights and personhood at the forefront of care for those living with dementia Support societal changes aimed at improving the experience for people living with dementia Apply a person-directed approach to caregiving and support systems

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