Culture & Leadership

A Conversation with Chris Woleske, President & CEO of Bellin Health

In a time of crisis, such as we have experienced in this pandemic, often what is needed is a sense of predictability, a reinforcement that “we can do this”. This conversation with Jason Wolf and Chris Woleske, President & CEO of Bellin Health, explores how serving as a “Chief Predictability Officer” can support patients and families and inspire our healthcare teams. Chris Woleske shares how her organization became a positive outlier by listening and engaging staff and making bold choices to not disrupt care during the COVD-19 crisis. From visitation policies to addressing the broader problem of isolation, Chris Woleske leads her organization with a focus on purpose and skillful navigation of the complex issues we are all facing. At the heart of this discussion is how Bellin Health designed strategies with clear compassion for the patient and family experience, a commitment to the community it serves and a focus on providing “psychological PPE” for those delivering care.