Staff & Provider Engagement

Using Patient Kudos to Improve Employee Engagement and to Build a Culture of Appreciation

Joel High, Performance Improvement Coach, pCare
Melissa Thornburg, Performance Improvement Coach, pCare
Mary Thompson, Patient Experience Coordinator for the Physician Network, Lexington Medical Center

Engaged employees are key to delivering an exceptional patient experience and positively impacting both clinical and financial outcomes. Research indicates employee appreciation leads to less turnover, more productivity, and increased commitment to tasks and patients, and also fosters intrinsic motivation in employees for the personal reward of performing well at work. However, the next step is inviting patients to recognize caregivers using point-of-care feedback to further establish an engaged, satisfied and productive workforce. In this webinar, we will review research and discuss strategies for using patient feedback to enhance your employee recognition program, leading to an engaged workforce, an exceptional patient experience, and positively impacted bottom line.