Environment & Hospitality

The Impact of Hospital Hospitality Lodging on the Patient and Family Experience

Karylinn Echols, Executive Director, Healthcare Hospitality Network, Inc.
Kristen Solt, American Cancer Society and HHN Board President
Toni Moore, President/CEO, Hospitality House of Tulsa
Kathy Sindel, Executive Director, HavenHouse of St. Louis

Hospital hospitality houses have been serving patients and families across North America for more than 40 years. The significant role, however, that these houses play in improving the patient and family experience has gone largely unnoticed. The purpose of this session is to share specific data on the impact of hospitality houses. Panelists will discuss their surveying methods and findings in such areas as overall stress, health, finances, nutrition, sleep, spiritual concerns, and the myriad of other needs of patients and their caregivers / loved-ones. Participants will also be introduced to the international professional association, the Healthcare Hospitality Network, and will obtain ideas of things hospitals can do to support families/caregivers in the absence of a hospitality house. While the ‘Ronald McDonald House’ brand is well known, many people are not familiar with the array of houses that serve other patient populations. The other types of hospitality houses will also be outlined in this session.