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Unexpected Healers

As healthcare healers, we touch many lives. Many of our patients and their families are thankful for this and reach out to share gratitude in many ways. They send notes, fill out focused recognition cards, respond to mailed surveys or utilize our Sutter Health new online feedback form. Often in healthcare we think of our clinicians as the only healers but that is not true. Many people in healthcare create very healing moments with our patients and their families. We had the opportunity to speak with 2 unexpected healers who received very personalized compliments from the patients they affected. This webinar highlights there are many people/roles who fall outside of the usual recognition programs yet create moments that matter for patients and families.

Learning Objectives
– Define unexpected healer(s).
– Identify attributes and key characteristics of unexpected healers.
– Identify non-clinical patient facing services used by the patient, caregiver, or family member that align with improved patient experience outcomes.

Ellen (Ellie) Hubbard, CPXP | Patient Experience Consultant, Sutter Health/Sutter Valley Medical Foundation
Debbie Young, BHA, CPXP | Clinical Performance Improvement Consultant, Sutter Health/Patient & Family Engagement Team

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