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Listening & Reacting to New Moms: How real-time feedback can improve nurse communications and support individualized care in a post-partum unit

While leadership rounding is a standard practice at New York-Presbyterian, Neneh Kamara, Patient Care Director, felt the rounding technology available on staff phones was not specific to the OB population. According to Kamara, the technology provided a “cookie-cutter approach to talking to patients,” she reported, adding, “It’s very vague and very general.” Kamara expressed that she wanted to see what was going on in her unit by focusing on the trends of her survey. Through that analysis, she was able to concentrate on the lowest scores and then create targeted questions tailored to her patient population in the post-partum unit. Examples of her own questions included, “How are you bonding with the baby?” or “Do you feel like the lactation consultant met all your needs?” Through these personalized patient questions, Kamara was able to look at the data and see where there were areas of opportunity to make immediate impact.

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