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Impact of Improving Quality of Care on Patient Experience in Emergency Department

Listen as Dr. Ahmed A. Abdelkawy discusses how collaborating with patients and families to redesign the patient journey has improved the quality of care and patient experience in the emergency department at King Faisal Medical Complex in Saudi Arabia.

Learning Objectives
⋅ Define the problem resulting in decreased patient experience rate in ED
⋅ Clarify the patient journey in ED and how it affects the overall experience
⋅ Understand the main causes resulting in decreased clinical outcome and experience rate
⋅ Identify the main solutions and the impact of the patient and family in co-design and implementation

Speaker – Dr. Ahmed A. Abdelkawy, MQM, CPHQ, CHS, CPXP, FPCC, IHI Fellow, FHX | Senior Consultant for Quality and Patient Experience 

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