Patient Family & Community Engagement | Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Identifying Stigma and Inequities in Care Delivery and Experience

Tanya Lord, PhD, MPH | Director of Patient and Family Engagement, Foundation for Healthy Communities
Carrie McFadden, MPH | Project Coordinator, Foundation for Healthy Communities

Co-design, a powerful method to ensure the lived experience is at the heart of improvement, is quickly growing in popularity but some populations are still grossly underrepresented. As the opioid and substance use epidemic continues to ravage the lives of people across the globe, healthcare providers struggle to care for patients with a history of Substance Use Disorder (SUD). Individuals with a SUD, especially those who are currently using, are rarely integrated as a part of efforts to hear the “patient voice”, nor typically included in co-design improvement methods. This is a tremendous missed opportunity for community members, patients and staff alike. This interactive webinar explores the results of an EBCD project, done virtually, that took an innovative approach to recruit individuals who use or have a history of using substances. The results led to changes around reducing stigma and increasing equity of care. Join us to understand EBCD lessons learned, the results of this project and how this method can be easily adapted for other populations who have historically been excluded in standard patient and family engagement strategies.

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