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Amplifying the Voices of Those with Lived Experience: The Key to Transforming Healthcare

Across the world, we are seeing changes and transformation in our health care systems. How do we endeavor to understand the value of the voices of people with lived experience (PWLE) in this transformation? How can we best engage them from boardroom to bedside as part of a system-wide and embedded process? How can amplifying these voices help improve the patient experience? Join us as we listen and learn together.

Learning Objectives:
 – Summarize the importance and true value of the voices of people with lived experience (PWLE) in healthcare.
 – Describe how best to engage PWLE in meaningful ways that drive impact for both organizations and people giving input
 – Explore and imagine the future role and impact of voices of PWLE in transforming healthcare.

Speaker: Claire Snyman | Health Care Advocate, Patient Experience Consultant | Two Steps Forward

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