Culture & Leadership

How to Ensure Sustained PX Improvement Through a Culture of Accountability

Tracie Clang, Performance Improvement Coach, TruthPoint

We all understand the need for accountability as a critical element in driving performance improvement but very few organizations know how to execute a structure of accountability that stimulates an optimistic attitude and a culture geared towards results. The goal of this session is to help executives, patient experience officers and front-line organizational leaders analyze the effectiveness of their own organizational accountability infrastructure and where needed, implement a practical structure for accountability that produces sustainable results and engages the workforce in improvement activities. Learn about the key cultural attributes of an accountable organization Obtain the knowledge necessary to facilitate a self-evaluation of the critical factors that are present/absent in their own organizations to ensure a culture of sustained accountability Identify and understand the three “A”s of accountability Obtain the tools and information needed to establish a sustainable structure of accountability in their own organizations