Staff & Provider Engagement

Expressions of Gratitude

Cindy Lefton, PhD, RN, CPXP | Patient Experience Manager and Researcher, Emergency Services, Barnes-Jewish Hospital | Vice President, Organizational Consulting, Psychological Associates – St. Louis, MO

This joyful session examines how the gratitude of patients, families, and colleagues expressed through meaningful recognition via The DAISY Award nominations for extraordinary nurses reveals “all the right going on” and the “how” behind person-centered experiences. Exemplary care delivery and a meaningful person-centered experience are grounded in both the relationship nurses’ caring creates and the ability of the provider to meet patient, family, and colleague needs in a way that is meaningful to the “end user.” While this combination of science, compassion, and mindfulness greatly impacts the patient experience, nurses often do not recognize how their actions make a difference in the lives of those they serve. Although patients, family members, and peers acknowledge extraordinary nursing by nominating a nurse for The DAISY Award, organizations often miss the opportunity to utilize this real-time feedback as a way to recognize behaviors associated with a positive patient experience and leverage these narratives to shape, reinforce, and sustain a culture that exemplifies person-centered care. Current evidence and practices will be shared that identify the links between acknowledgement and compassion satisfaction and describe the organizational and individual outcomes associated with combining the power of gratitude with patient, family, and peer feedback.