Patient Family & Community Engagement | Patient and Care Partners

Advancing PFCC through Executive and Advisor Leadership

Sue Collier, MSN, RN, FABC, Performance Improvement Specialist Patient-Family Engagement, NC Quality Center

The demands for performance improvement in the healthcare industry require visionary, effective and patient-family centered leadership. This presentation will use the IHI Framework for Leadership for Improvement to describe leadership actions and skills that advance patient-family centered care practices across a variety of settings. Content will emphasize how partnerships are effective in guiding priority setting and action plan development and evaluation. These examples will also demonstrate the skills needed by healthcare leaders to successfully engage advisors as change agents. The presentation will embrace the application of strategies across multiple experiences of care, including multi-hospital and community-based systems. It will share case studies and lessons learned from the literature and individual experiences and will encourage participants to complete a structured self-assessment and action planning tool.