Culture & Leadership | Ambulatory/Outpatient

A Culture of Inclusion and Teamwork Drives Patient Experience

Theresa J. Dionne, MA, CPXE | Patient Experience Consultant, Methodist Medical Group
Sondi L. Fiegel, MBA-HCM, RN, LSSGB | Director, Patient Care, Methodist Medical Group
Denise A. Johnson, MD, FAAFP | Patient Experience Physician Champion, Methodist Medical Group

Methodist Medical Group is proud to share how the organization is improving patient satisfaction and team engagement measures through various approaches such as Employee Engagement Committee, Director of Virtual Care, Clinic Managers and Physicians. The presenters will share concepts of each approach, how these are connected, and demonstrate improvement results. Join this webinar to learn how your organization can improve patient satisfaction by performing these best practices with purpose, as well as a targeted focus. Participants will be able to: Describe how Patient Experience Teams join other entities within a healthcare organization to improving employee engagement and patient-centered care. Discuss how Patient Experience teamed up with the Director of Virtual Care and Clinic Managers to prepare clinic teams for Virtual Care Visits. Implement a strongly represented physician and provider presence on the Patient Experience Committee to engage provider insight and buy-in across the ambulatory clinics.

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