Innovation & Technology

XIC Marks the Start

Tria Deibert, VP Experience Marketing, Hackensack Meridian Health
Elizabeth Paskas, VP Experience Innovation, Hackensack Meridian Health

Imagine this…a place that creates space for ideation and innovation, eliminates duplication of effort, gives vendors a clear path in your organization and accelerates sharing of best practices and bright spots. Sounds like an experience leader’s utopia, right? Pssst, it exists. And you too can find it! Join Hackensack Meridian Health to learn how we created Xperience Innovation Café (XIC) – a place where innovative ideas, new technologies and best practices are evaluated by key stakeholders and frontline users for implementation and scale. Learn how we harnessed the power of XIC as our starting point, creating a definitive process for vendors and a stage for the best and brightest ideas within our Network to deliver on our strategy and vision to humanize the health care experience…while having fun along the way!