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When Patient Engagement Competes with Safety

Kate Clarke, Manager, Patient Relations/Interpreter Services, Northwestern Medicine
Katherine Czyzewski, Professional Development Specialist, Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital
Christine Kautz, Patient Engagement Coach, Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital
Karen Pugliese, Advanced Practice Chaplain, NM Central DuPage Hospital & Warrenville Cancer Center

We have seen many presentations on working with disruptive persons. This panel presentation illustrates a unique angle of diverse perspectives on management of the growing national problem of consumer misbehavior in the healthcare industry. Through the eyes of a Patient Engagement Coach, a Patient Relations Manager, a Professional Practice Educator and a Chaplain we look at the impact of effectively managing these disruptive behaviors in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. Employees benefit from improved emotional self regulation, recognizing disruptive behaviors and feel more confident using limit setting and seeking assistance.