Patient Family & Community Engagement

Redefine the Care Team

Jason A. Wolf, PhD, CPXP, President & CEO, The Beryl Institute

Kaiser Permanente
“Dexter” Janet Borrowman, CHIE, CPXP, IOEC – Operational Excellence
Coach Irene Espericueta, MSW – Neonatal ICU Parent Mentor Program Lead
Adrienne Davis, MPH – Patient Advisor & Volunteer Coordinator for Cancer Peer Support Program

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein
Ana Merzel Kernkraut – Patient Experience Coordinator

Patient Reflections
Kathryn Empson

In this session of the New Existence Webinar Series we will be explore the first aim in the Care Teams segment of The New Existence: Redefine the Care Team. The care team segment calls on us to “redefine and advance the integrated nature of and critical role patients and their circle of support play on care teams.” The main actions under redefining the care team that will be explored include: Identify care team members, including the patient’s family, healthcare providers and the patient’s circle of support. Orient care team members, including the patient, to their roles, responsibilities and benefits of being an active part of the care team. Include a formal care partner as part of the patient’s care team, and consider peer mentors and cultural brokers and partners. Through two case examples and patient perspectives we will explore the purpose and opportunity of this aim of The New Existence and engage participants in how they are and how they can be working to redefine the care team.