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Listening to Patient Voices – Innovative Data Integrations to Achieve PX Excellence

Successful integration of standard processes and lean methodologies provide a strong basis for personalized patient care at Wellstar Paulding Hospital, but data-driven excellence requires ongoing evaluation and improvement efforts to maintain and exceed prior performance. With their eye on the Baldrige Award for Healthcare, Wellstar Paulding Hospital knew that their current digital rounding platform was not capable of their envisioned integrations between patient experience survey data and rounding statistics. “Wellstar Paulding Hospital sought a platform that could integrate past patient feedback from satisfaction surveys to make patient concerns and preferences more accessible during the entirety of a patient’s current encounter,” said Evita Payton, Wellstar Paulding Hospital Lean Site Facilitator. There was also a genuine desire to have the leader rounding process become more dynamic and adaptive to the needs of each unit. Furthermore, layering on additional encounters from senior leaders and executives was desired so that the voice of the customer from those specialty rounds was captured. There was an opportunity to overlay this innovative approach on their widely accepted and enculturated foundation of lean management.