Patient Family & Community Engagement | Pediatrics

Initiative to Promote LGBTQ Inclusion in the PFE

Leanne Cimato, Manager, Family Centered Care, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Linda Hawkins, Family Services Specialist, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Rachel Biblow, Senior Director of Patient Family Services, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has undertaken a deliberate strategic initiative to assure the guiding principles for family centered care are enacted for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and questioning (LGBTQ) patients and families. Employing an expert in LGBTQ issues within the family centered care model, CHOP has been able to able to conduct a needs assessment of LGBTQ patient and family needs with the family entered care principles. From the identified needs of patients and families, CHOP conducted focused training to support hospital employees at every level of the patient and family experience. Learners will identify the importance of including the unique viewpoint of LGBTQ patients and families and identify strategies to improve staff competence with LGBTQ issues to improve the patient experience.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the importance of including the unique viewpoint of LGBTQ community
  • Identify strategies to improve LGBTQ competence to improve the patient experience