Staff & Provider Engagement

Helping Physicians Learn Together through Video Simulation, Provider Coaching and Shared Techniques

Diane Rogers, Founder, Principal Consultant, Contagious Change, LLC
Ronald Cohen, Physician/Department Chair, Emergency Services, Banner Desert Medical Center – Progressive Medical Associates
Robert Baron, Physician/Director, Quality and Risk Reduction, Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center – Emergency Professional Services
Gretchen Dallman, Senior Nurse Manager, Banner Good Samaritan Emergency Department

This presentation presents a case study focusing on a team of emergency medicine physicians who wanted to create a hands-on, skills development experience for their group physicians. The objective of the effort was it would lead to a personal decision and commitment to implement changes in their individual practice and result in improved patient care and patient satisfaction scores. The case will explore the benefits of the experiential learning processes focusing on two distinct activities and the impact this effort had in identifying and changing physician/patient interaction practices. The first, physicians shadowing physicians in the hospital patient setting and the second, facilitated video simulations where physicians perform, observe and discuss their positive patient experience techniques. This presentation will demonstrate the value of physicians learning from other physicians as presented by physicians. Participants will also come to understand and appreciate the benefits of experiential learning processes and how these can positively impact physician buy-in and practice change.