Patient Family & Community Engagement

Deliver Value by Design: PFCC Projects

 Michelle Bulger, PFCC Innovation Center of UPMC

Taking a patient- and family- centered approach to care delivery has many organizational benefits over the long term. Adopting the PFCC Methodology and Practice (PFCC M/P) will engage patients and families in real-time, break down organizational silos and caregivers will become reinvigorated and rediscover their mission. In this session, we will explore several projects that, together, achieve all aspects of the Triple Aim of improved patient experiences, improved health of populations and reduced cost of care. In this session, participants will identify specific examples of improved experiences, outcomes and reduced costs using the PFCC Methodology and Practice, learn how incorporating PFCC into workflows reinvigorates and engages caregivers and explore strategies for improving the health of populations and flipping focus from “What’s the matter?” to “What matters to you?”