Culture & Leadership

Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Service

Lynn Ehrmantraut, Senior Vice President – Research and Quality
Julie O’Shaughnessy, Executive Consultant, Avatar International LLC

Culture propels any organization towards, or prevents achievement of its mission and vision. Creating a Culture of Service for patients, staff and physician partners is a tall order, and sustaining that successful culture is equally challenging. This session explores the seven components necessary for a culture of service. National survey results of leadership teams will be shared (the triumphs and challenges) as well as practices and pitfalls inherent in each area: Pressure for Change (and what Value-Based Purchasing adds to the pressure), Clear Vision/Good Plan, Clear Expectations and Accountability, Skills and Attitudes, Measurement and Feedback, Recognition and Incentives, and Minimal Barriers. The session serves as a “mini-assessment” and recalibration of your plan to deliver and sustain a culture of service.

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