Living the Dream

May 2024

Hello! My name is Donna Schacher, and I am the Executive Administrator at The Beryl Institute.  When I’m not crunching numbers or being air traffic control for the Institute’s leaders, you will find me with a mic in my hand and a guitar over my shoulder living my dream of being a country music singer.



From the tender age of 7, my life goal was to be a country music singer, and that is when it all began. I played my first gig in 1974 and never stopped. I have traveled all over the United States performing and opening for many national acts.

However, like most musicians, I needed to look at the big picture. I knew I would need a “real job” so I could retire someday. That wisdom led me to roles providing executive support in the healthcare and entertainment fields, a role that has been my forte for over 30 years.

I was married to my wonderful husband Jim for 34 years. We raised three daughters who are now grown and married. Between them, my daughters have given me eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren for me to brag about.

The other loves of my life are my pets. I have two dogs, Piper & Izzy, and a parrot named Olive. I love them all, but they need a LOT of attention.

When not doing administrative work at the Institute or singing on the stage, I enjoy traveling and crafts.

While I was vacationing in the Great Smoky Mountains about 10 years ago, I visited a few pottery shops and decided I needed another hobby. Pottery became my new go-to craft, and I love creating functional ware to share with friends and family. I now have my own studio at home.

About the Spotlight Series:

You know our faces. You know our names and roles. But do you know about our passions outside of The Beryl Institute? Probably not, so we'd like to change that.

Welcome to The Spotlight Series, a monthly series highlighting the team members of The Beryl Institute. Each month, one member of our team will share interesting facts about their life outside the Institute. It is said The Beryl Institute is like "family," and we aim to expand on this sentiment through greater insight into the human beings behind our Institute titles. We hope you enjoy connecting with us in this way. May the power of connection bring us closer together as a community.