A Big H-e-a-R-T for Hobbies, Reading, and Travel

April 2024

As a Manager of Learning & Professional Development, I help members of The Beryl Institute community with learning programs to support their experience journey. Away from work, you will find me enjoying one of my favorite places, relaxing with a book, or exploring the world.



Hi, I’m Bre Maddox. I love weekends. My favorite thing to do on the weekend is to sleep in and then make a big breakfast. If the weather is nice, I enjoy going for walks by a river or a lake. If the weather isn’t so nice, you will find me inside painting or at an art museum or movie theater. I love movie theater popcorn, and watching the show from recliner seats is much nicer than watching Netflix on my couch at home.

Reading is another favorite pastime. I am an avid reader, averaging about 2-3 books per month. I try to pick different genres, but my favorites are thrillers or murder mysteries.

My greatest love is traveling. My favorite places are Miami, FL, and Venice Beach, CA. I have traveled to many places in the U.S., and this year for the first time I will fly internationally to either the Bahamas or Mexico. And of course, I have a bucket list of travel destinations including Africa, London, Brazil, Greece, and Switzerland.

About the Spotlight Series:

You know our faces. You know our names and roles. But do you know about our passions outside of The Beryl Institute? Probably not, so we'd like to change that.