Wings Clipped by Sydney Graham

I've been a caregiver for the last 25 years. My first son was born with a birth defect and I jumped in with both feet. I partnered in everything from; presence during induction, changing bandages, giving meds, never leaving his side. We had a very successful journey and outcomes. When my second son presented with mental health and addictions, I felt incredibly capable to partner in his care. He wanted and needed me there.

What I found was roadblocks at every turn, a lot of blame coming my way, eliminated from discussions, no collaboration and even providers with rude, dismissive behaviours and rarely following privacy laws to make sure I was included where vital. I saw this photo somewhere and it really resonated with the way I was now feeling, completely helpless when my child needed me the most.

I was always at the ready to help, and always on the outside of everything going on. "Wings Clipped" represents the way I was feeling and the helplessness of the time. Painting this was incredibly therapeutic for me and now hangs proudly in our family room.