Policy & Measurement

The PXMA Tool: Assessing the Maturity of Your Patient Experience Program

Summer Allen MD, Medical Director for Patient Experience, Mayo Clinic
Dawn Hucke, Director, Mayo Clinic
Pam Prissel, Director of Patient Experience, Mayo Clinic

This webinar will focus on Mayo Clinic’s Patient Experience Maturity Assessment tool (PXMA), a useful, simple tool for health care organizations to easily and objectively assess their service program and culture against Mayo Clinic’s Patient Experience program. The PXMA tool is used to describe how well behaviors, practices and processes of an organization can produce required outcomes in a reliable and sustainable manner. It can be used as a benchmark for comparing one patient experience program against the next, which helps others to understand and assess program maturity across the industry. Levels of maturity will be described. This year the assessment was shared with over 125 organizations attending the Beryl Conference. The same level of enthusiasm and positive feedback was received from attendees who took it. As part of this webinar, Mayo leaders will share more about components of their Patient Experience program, the PXMA tool and the need for a sustainable structure to support a program plan.

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