Culture & Leadership

Moonshot 2022: Our Sometimes Challenging Yet Always Meaningful Journey toward A Patient and Family Centered Culture

Lee Ann Odom, President Shared Services, Beaumont Health
Kelly Parent, Vice President, Patient Family Experience, Beaumont Health

This webinar will include an overview of Beaumont Health as well as a detailed description “Moonshot 2022” goal with identifiable strategies to create and sustain patient and family-centered care transformation. Presenters will describe corporate strategy to recognize the importance of patient and family partnerships, unify efforts across a multi-hospital system, align and integrate PFCC philosophy with other institutional initiatives, and engage patient and family advisors strategic planning and policy revisions. The session will also summarize how Beaumont sites and service lines have operationalized corporate strategy. Leader roles and responsibilities will be defined and a description of specific efforts that: establish site and service line goals and priorities; provide necessary resources; support to overcome barriers; recognize best practices; and hold staff accountable toward achieving PFCC culture transformation will be shared. Practical examples of patient and family engagement and partnership will be provided.