Policy & Measurement | Ambulatory/Outpatient

Implementing the New CAHPS Protocol for Obtaining Patient Comments About Their Care

Dale Shaller, Principal, Shaller Consulting Group
Tara Servati, Patient Experience Specialist for the Ambulatory Care Network, NewYork-Presbyterian

This webinar will describe methods and lessons learned to date from a pilot project designed to assess the implementation and use of the new CAHPS Patient Narrative Elicitation Protocol (NEP) in several New York-Presbyterian (NYP) ambulatory care practices. The NEP is a structured sequence of 5 open-ended questions that can be used as a supplemental item set with CG-CAHPS or other patient experience surveys, in order to elicit complete and balanced accounts of ambulatory care from a representative sample of patients. The webinar will review research evidence regarding the effectiveness of the NEP in eliciting actionable information that can be used by clinicians and practices for improving patient experiences, and will discuss early results of the pilot project to collect the NEP as part of routine patient survey operations at NYP and to develop new feedback methods for reporting survey results and narrative comments back to clinicians and practice leaders.