Long-term Care

How Delirium Impacts Patient and Family Experience

Lyn S Lindpaintner, BSN MD Medical Director of ElderCare Services, Concord Hospital, Concord NH

Delirium is a common but under-recognized condition which occurs every day in acute care hospitals, and causes great distress to patients, families, and professional caregivers alike. Delirium is associated with poorer outcomes including longer hospital stays, higher mortality, and more complications of illness. Does your hospital emphasize delirium prevention visibly? If not, why not? Delirium prevention offers an evidence-based way to improve the patient experience while improving patient outcomes and cutting expenses. This webinar is aimed at giving patient experience professionals insight into the importance of this syndrome, which affects frail elderly patients disproportionately. In addition, we will talk about the potent barriers to change, and some tips for jump-starting a robust delirium prevention effort in your facility.