Honesty and Transparency: Indispensable to Experience Excellence

Richard C. Boothman, Formerly Chief Risk Officer, University of Michigan Health System (recently retired); Owner, Boothman Consulting Group, LLC
Tanya Lord PhD, MPH | Director, Patient and Family Engagement, Foundation for Healthy Communities (Concord, NH)

The Michigan Model is not another risk management strategy. When introduced by Rick Boothman in 2001, the seemingly-counterintuitive concept stood the traditional “deny and defend” response to patients injured in their medical care on its head by normalizing honesty, transparency and proactivity and focusing on clinical improvement as its long-term goal. The University of Michigan’s approach remains the most successful program of its kind as it treats patients with respect and stimulates a broad range of improvements to quality, safety, patient-centricity and peer review while saving significant financial costs. In this webinar, Rick Bootham will explain the rationale, what sets it apart from other approaches, why it has become an indispensable part of the University of Michigan’s clinical culture and the increasing spread of the concept.