Our mission is to create awareness and challenge social stigmas around epilepsy by shifting focus to the individuals and their families not epilepsy. We celebrate individuality and self-expression by offering vibrant, high-quality hats that add color, personality, and style to every electroencephalogram (EEG). With a commitment to craftsmanship and inclusivity for all people, we will brighten the world, one hat at a time.

“Having a fabric Hat for testing is such a blessing. It allows the patient to be more comfortable and not deal with gauze and tape irritation. The hats allow patients, especially children to feel more comfortable and relaxed.”


“Autonomy is something that is often lacking for children impacted by medical conditions. Out of necessity, they rarely get to decide if they will have a test or procedure. Rainbow Hair Hats gave our son some self-governance back. He may not be able to opt out of EEGs, but he can at least decide how he will look during them. Comfort is another thing that’s often absent on their journeys. Thanks to this product, my son has had the option to have a bit more comfort and something that’s just his."


“Lisa was so kind, accommodating and fast. She worked with me to get my measurements right because I’m a adult I’m going to be wearing my hat at work over my EEG leads. Thanks again Lisa love the hat!”


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