The Living History Program© is an innovative approach to improving connections with patients, their family, and significant others. The program utilizes selected employees and volunteers to interview and write stories of the people we care for. Stories are used in a variety of ways to positively impact the patient experience and satisfaction scores.
This program has been used for over 20 years in hospitals across the nation and in Canada. Sheila Brune has won several awards for her work in risk management and patient satisfaction, including the 2016 Ruth Ravich Award from the Beryl Institute.
The Living History Program© is very affordable and the best investment an organization can make to drive patient-centered care.

"Patients love it! Students and patients have a special connect. Our Hospice families have given the Living History stories at the funerals. They take a lot of time to make sure they are just right. It’s such a great way to give something special to our patients."

Tammy Miller

Patient Relations
Deaconess Health System
Evansville, Indiana

"Being asked to interview a patient and write their living history is like going to the doctor and hearing, "Everything's fine. You just need to eat more hot fudge sundaes."

Kathy Morrish

Great River Medical Center
West Burlington, Iowa

"Sheila brought Living History to our organization and what an impact it has had. Our hospital patients, nursing home residents and families love the personal touch. One thing I did not expect was what a positive impact it had on our State and Joint Commission surveyors. We have even had families use these wonderful stories at funeral services because they speak to the life in such a personal way."

Ada Blair

Memorial Hospital & Hancock County Nursing Home
Carthage, Illinois

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