BOK For Your LMS Frequently Asked Questions

This collection of Frequently Asked Questions provides brief answers to many common questions about the BOK for Your LMS offering.

How does BOK for Your LMS work? 

BOK for your LMS is designed for healthcare organizations who already have a learning management system in place. Once a course is purchased, you will be provided with a SCORM file which is a traditional file used in LMS systems. You may need to partner with your organization’s LMS Administrator or IT Department to upload the SCORM file.

Once the file is uploaded, there should not be any additional steps to take before you can begin using the course. It may be worth consulting with your IT professionals before purchasing BOK for your LMS to make ensure the SCORM file is compatible with your LMS. Please note: We do not customize the SCORM files or course modules for your organization. 

Is access to the modules indefinite or are there time limits and renewal fee associated with the purchase? 

Once you purchase and upload the SCORM file into your LMS, that version is yours to use indefinitely with no additional fees. We will periodically update courses as needed and make those updates available to you at an additional cost.

Can I preview an on-demand learning session?

Yes, you can preview The Experience Movement: From Foundations to the Future on-demand learning session here. This foundational course is offered as a complimentary session, intended as preview of the BOK on-demand course format. Some functionality has been removed in order to make this open access (specifically, the ability to bookmark your progress). 

For a limited time preview of a specific BOK for Your LMS module, contact

Can my staff earn Patient Experience Continuing Education Credits (PXEs) by taking a BOK for Your LMS module?

Yes, you can apply for PXE credits through our sister organization, Patient Experience Institute. The Beryl Institute will provide a content outline for you to submit along with your PXE application.

Will my staff have access to the Institute's BOK Virtual Classrooms as part of the LMS package?

No, Virtual Classroom access is not included with BOK for Your LMS. Individuals interested in joining BOK Virtual Classrooms should consider participating in a BOK Certificate Program.

What would a pre and post implementation project plan look like? What associated metrics should we consider?

This is up to the individual organization purchasing BOK for Your LMS. For example, if the intention is to educate across all areas and roles, the metric might be focused on how many people in your organizations complete the module. If it is a targeted effort to improve scores in lower performing areas, the metrics would be related to those scores improving. The metric you choose would also depend on which module you choose and why.


Have additional questions? You can contact us via email or by calling 866.488.2379.