Enhance Your Organization’s Foundation in Patient Experience Excellence

Patient Experience 101 (PX 101) equips healthcare organizations with a foundational, easy-to-use learning package to support and enhance your culture of excellence by building patient experience knowledge and skill for all employees across an organization. PX 101 is facilitated by your team members and can be customized to fit your organization’s specific needs.

PX 101 provides foundational key learning across seven session topics (3.5 hours total):

  • What is Patient Experience?
  • The Ripple Effect of Patient Experience
  • What Matters Most to Patients
  • The Place for Empathy in Patient Experience
  • Measurement and Patient Experience
  • Service Recovery
  • Staying True to Our Purpose

Each PX 101 session includes electronically accessible resources:

Resource Overview

Session materials and program guide for Leaders, such as customizable presentations to fit various learning needs and timeframes

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Classroom Sessions

Highly interactive sessions in a 15 to 30-minute classroom-style format that include PowerPoints, facilitator notes, participant hand-outs and real-life scenarios using pictures, dialogue or video

Whiteboard Videos

Seven downloadable whiteboard videos, each 3-5 minutes in length, that can be downloaded and shared throughout your organization, in training sessions and in other presentations

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Guide for Leaders

Suggestions for your leadership team to build on the concepts and principles shared in each session for ongoing learning and sustainability

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For additional questions, contact the Institute at 1.866.488.2379 or send an email to pxlearning@theberylinstitute.org.