At The Beryl Institute, we define the patient experience as the sum of all interactions shaped by an organization’s culture that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care. We have witnessed a continued and global commitment in efforts to improve experience for all in healthcare.

  • We view experience from an integrated perspective of quality, safety, service and cost and believe experience is about driving the outcomes we all strive for in healthcare.
  • We believe all who work in healthcare are the patient experience and value the critical nature that they all have a fundamental understanding of patient experience and a skill set to positively impact these experiences.
  • The patient experience community has expressed the need for a mechanism to translate core principles of patient experience to people throughout healthcare organizations.

PX 101 serves this purpose by distilling the vast resources and knowledge available via the Institute into practical, transferable learning to support your larger patient experience training strategy. This foundational information can be applied immediately on the front lines of care to positively impact experience outcomes.

Goals of PX 101

Build Awareness

  • Of the reasons for caring about patient experience
  • Of the value of delivering patient experience excellence

Increase Motivation

  • Use personal and professional experiences as a motivator for delivering patient experience excellence
  • Create a mindset for keeping patient experience excellence top-of-mind

Develop Knowledge and Skills

  • Develop knowledge of the aspects of their experience that patients and families value most
  • Develop basic skills for delivering patient experience excellence

Practice Skills in a Safe Environment

  • Share your own experiences while learning from others
  • Practice new skills in a controlled environment where mistakes are considered part of the learning process

Prepare for Usage On-the-Job

  • Use realistic scenarios to facilitate the transition from classroom to workplace
  • Provide opportunities to reinforce key messages, improve recall and increase skill use

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