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PX Pulse: Consumer Perspectives on Patient Experience in the U.S. – June 2024

The latest release of PX Pulse reveals consumer perception of quality and experience remain...

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A Global Perspective on Experience Excellence: Examples from Around the World

PXE Credit Available

Join Vita Steina to learn more about her Fellow in Human Experience (FHX) project...

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Global Perspectives on Human Experience: Where we stand and new frontiers

Listen as Jason A. Wolf, PhD, CPXP, President & CEO, The Beryl Institute discusses...

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Unlocking Excellence: A Benchmarking Study on Leader Rounding in High-Performing Organizations

Leader rounding on patients has gained recognition as a best practice in healthcare and...

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We need to be the patient in the room

Transgender activist Emily Newberry joins Director of Community Experience, Amy Kwiatkowski to share her...

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Promoting Anti-Racism and Supporting Staff through Policy

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Mount Sinai deepened its commitment to equity and began a journey towards anti-racism in...

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And the Survey Says…: A Qualitative Exploration of the Perspectives of Nurse Managers Who are Accountable for Patient Experience Measures

By examining nurse manager accountability for patient experience measures, this study seeks a deeper...

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PX Pulse: Consumer Perspectives on Patient Experience in the U.S. – November 2023

The latest release of PX Pulse reveals the items of greatest importance to healthcare...

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The Treatment Impact: Cultural Inclusivity in a Modern World

PXE Credit Available

Caring for patients and their families during tumultuous times can be daunting. Many times,...

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Measuring Volunteer Impact

We know that our volunteers make a huge difference in our organizations every day…but...

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Using Measurement and Metrics to Drive Improvement in Ambulatory Care Environments

Join our Ambulatory Care Community for a discussion on what and how organizations measure...

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Using Narrative to Illuminate and Improve Experience

Watch this webinar for an interactive discussion through a series of five mini-case studies...

Policy & Measurement

Leveraging patient experience measures as surrogate outcomes to evaluate health care interventions

Patient experience quality measure scores are widely accepted as outcomes in health services research....

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