Culture & Leadership

Elevating the Human Experience in the Face of COVID-19 

Jason A. Wolf, PhD, CPXP, President & CEO, The Beryl Institute

Harris Baden, MD, Medical Director of Experience, Seattle Children’s Hospital
Rosie Bartel, Patient Advisor Karen Grimley, Chief Nursing Executive, UCLA Health
Dwight McBee Chief Experience Officer, Temple University Hospital

Healthcare professionals are deeply impacted by this crisis as are the citizens and patients who have been exposed to or contracted the virus. Patients and families who have navigated illness and our healthcare system for decades have insights that can support us as we move from the crisis to the rebuild. What is the role of partnership as we witness our providers in great need of emotional support? How are patients without COVID-19 coping with the interruptions in care and how do they balance their needs with that of the overall COVID response? How does the patient community support the healthcare community today? How do we begin to think ahead to rebuilding together? A panel of patients, family members and patient advocates will provide insights into these questions and more.