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Ease, Care, and Access: The Business Impact of Experience Transformation

Dr. Adrienne Boissy, Chief Medical Officer, Qualtrics

Whether you are a healthcare organization or insurer, making the experience of care easier and more personal is an investment worth making today – and for years to come. Minimizing delays and making healthcare feel more caring are top priorities. This requires understanding emotion across the entire healthcare journey – from digital touchpoints, to written letters of joy or pain, to contact center experiences. As organizations evaluate the technology needed to differentiate patient and employee experiences, it is critical to listen to structured and unstructured feedback, measure the reaction of patients, and determine where to focus efforts to reduce costs, drive value, and improve efficiency. The good news is it is all possible. In this session, we will share how organizations are leveraging advanced machine learning and AI listening technologies to transform operations, enable empathy at scale, and articulate the ever-elusive ROI in financial, experiential, and operational terms. Tune in to learn more about where we are today and where we have yet to go in designing the experiences we all want.

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