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Voices from the C-Suite: Perspectives on the Patient Experience

A growing segment of the healthcare industry is now embracing the value of focusing on the patient experience. This movement has caught the attention of and sparked action from executive leaders – those in the C-Suite.

The Beryl Institute recently interviewed 17 senior healthcare executives in organizations at varying stages of their patient experience journeys. These leaders represent the roles of Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Experience Officer.

We asked these leaders a series of questions to explore current and evolving perspectives on the patient experience movement:

• How does patient experience fit into the strategy of your organization?
• Why is patient experience important to your strategy?
• What do you see as the role and responsibility of senior leadership in supporting/driving patient experience efforts?
• Where have you seen some of your greatest successes/greatest supports of success?
• What do you see as the greatest roadblocks to effectively addressing patient experience?
• What advice do you have for other healthcare leaders who are working to address patient experience in their organizations?

Through the stories and words of its contributors, this paper reveals compelling themes and a clear call to action for healthcare organizations on the importance of focusing on this critical issue. These leaders paint a vivid picture on how we can (and must) collectively engage in improving the patient experience in all healthcare organizations.

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