Policy & Measurement | Patient Advocacy

Utilizing Patient Advocate Data to Improve Patient Experience

Corey Adams | Manager, Patient Experience, St Vincent’s Hospital | New South Wales, Australia
Tiffany Christensen, CPXP | Vice President, Experience Excellence, The Beryl Institute
Terri Ipsen, CPXP | Manager, Content, The Beryl Institute

The role of patient advocate is defined as a healthcare professional dedicated to addressing complaints and grievances. The data used and organized by patient advocates is often kept separate from other patient feedback and surveys. Patient advocates often have their fingers on the pulse of the most important information about their healthcare organization’s patterns of “pain points” and other opportunities for change. The time has come to elevate the role of the patient advocate so that their valuable data and perspectives are integrated into the improvement of the organization. Join us for this webinar where we explore this important topic, based on the companion white paper released on February 3, 2022.